Organizing Your Coupons

There are many ways you can chose to organize your coupons. I use the "Binder" method. I clip my coupons each week, then I organize them into categories and put them in my binder. The coupons go in clear baseball card holders for easy viewing. I love using the binder method because I can take all my coupons to the store so that I won't miss a deal! There are usually some great clearance items at many stores each week, so if you take your whole binder with you, you won't miss any of those deals.

Here is what my binder looks like:

I actually use 2 binders now, one for food and one for household and personal care items!

If you don't want to take the time to clip your coupons each week, you can also just save all the inserts, label them with the date you got them, and store them in an accordion folder or hanging file folder; then just clip the ones you need each week while making your shopping list. I like using the binder method because I can see every single coupon I have all in one spot and they're all clipped and ready to go! But you have to chose the method that works best for you and your lifestyle.

If you chose the binder method, I reccommend you get a larger soft cover binder with a zipper. This allows you to easily transport all your coupons to the store without worrying that some will fall out along the way. I also get my baseball card inserts at Target. They sell them in the toy department in a pack of 65 pages for $9.99, so it's a pretty good deal!

Once you have a good amount of coupons, organize them right away with whatever method you chose. Now you're well on your way to being a money saving machine!